Sue and Henry Obermoser, Arden Country Kennels, Dalkeith, Ontario

We have been using PetAdmin for many years now going back to version 1. It has been amazing to see how your software has evolved over the years and the dedication you put into it. We tried many different kennel software programs and found that PetAdmin was the most user friendly software. Whether you are a small or big kennel PetAdmin has everything that you could possibly need to help to simplify your business. The technical support is just amazing with unbelievably quick response to any question, sometimes within thirty minutes of sending an e mail. This is the best kennel program by far and we highly recommend it.
Thank you PetAdmin.

Kim Reynolds, on behalf of London and Essex Kent Farms

As a well established boarding and quarantine facilities this software has provided us with the means to meet the needs of the office administration and kennel staff alike. This exceptional package has been fantastic for us and I would highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with a turnover of pets.

Any requests for change to meet our own requirements have been met without any hesitation and IF it could be done, it HAS BEEN.

Karen Ahmed, owner of Baskervilles Kennels and Cattery

I just want to thank you for selling me this wonderful product! I cannot believe how much it has changed the way we now operate Baskervilles. It saves me so much work - before Pet Admin I used to spend hours staring at paper run summaries wondering where I was going to put everyone! It now takes me 10 minutes at the end of the day to book in boarders and print off a confirmation to send out the very next day.

So many of our customers have commented on our efficiency over the past year !! Random customers turning up at reception claiming that they had booked their pet in is now a thing of the past.

I honestly don't know how we survived without it !

Craig and Karen Flint, owner of Quintessential Quarters Kennels and Cattery

Since we purchased your pet admin program in April 2006 we have received an outstanding service from you. The program has without doubt played a big part of our success. Also your speedy responses to our enquiries, I/T support and general advice is exemplary, you are credit to the industry.

Thank you and we look forward to a long and happy business friendship.

Jane Cole, owner of Gentian Hill

I would like to say a huge thank you for your PetAdmin software. It has been invaluable throughout our first year of business! Without it our work would have been so very much harder ! Even my local licensing officer paid comment to the format, and thought it was excellent with all the information easily available at the touch of a button. In fact his actual comments were "this makes my job so much easier".

When I first started to use PetAdmin I was very nervous as I am not very good with computers, but after using it for a couple of weeks I was hooked. I found it so easy to use, and it does everything that a busy kennel or cattery needs, plus more, and we now use it for everything. In addition all our customers comment on how professional we are with our invoices and booking forms.

I have no qualms about recommending PetAdmin to any others in business with animals as it would be great for many types of pet business. It's simply brilliant !

Brian and Ria McGovern, owners of Chalkwell Kennels

We decided to install a new admin system at our kennels and researched the market thoroughly before finally deciding on PetAdmin. We already had a self made system and needed the old database to be transferred to PetAdmin. All we had to do was copy the files and send them off. A few days later all was delivered and we were up and running. It could not have been simpler. Six months down the road and we are extremely satisfied with the system and the technical support from all at PetAdmin. We would not hesitate to recommend this system and feel that it meets the entire requirement for a modern boarding kennel.

Tim and Lauren Ritzman, owners of Bark of the Town Kennels

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we here at Bark of the Town appreciate your PetAdmin software. It has taken us a couple of weeks to get an understanding of exactly how it works (and thank you for your speedy support), but now we are very happy with its many features and we have really noticed how convenient it makes scheduling for our kennel. It is as if it were custom tailored for us !

Mrs Jackie Larmer, proprietor of The Otford Boarding Kennels

We are a large and very busy boarding kennels but before PetAdmin our booking system was unreliable. For example, we would think we were fully booked but then would end up with 10 kennels unoccupied after turning regular customers down. Since using Petadmin we have been fully occupied throughout the busy season, increasing our turnover by managing our occupancy better. The 'at a glance' availability screens are wonderful and I honestly can't imagine running the office without Petadmin. I wholeheartedly recommend this software. Quality kennel and cattery software packages are few and far between and tend to be American and expensive, or cheap and inadequate. Here is a package that is British, fully featured and can compete with the best of them, and at an extremely competitive price.

Jenny Barton at Country Club Kennels comments

"I have used this programme to help run my Boarding Kennel for six months now and it has been an invaluable tool to co-ordinate many of the most important aspects of this business. I had never run a kennel before last Summer, and for the first few months we floundered a little, with a muddled card index system and lots of scribbles in the diary. It was hard to know exactly how many kennels were filled in busy times - and there was lots of double booking !

"We can now optimise the use of the kennels and see at a glance how the kennels are filled - it can even help to remind to isolate bitches in season and can warn you if there are any potential problem dogs that may need special care.

"PetAdmin has systems set up to print medication charts and special feeding charts, which I find very useful in busy times when several people are involved in the job - nothing tends to get forgotton ! I find using this programme fun and the more you get to know it the more you find its useful facilities - it is always quick and easy to look up data regarding a customer or an animal.

"Finally, I would like to comment the very helpful and comprehensive back-up team at PetAdmin - the programme is being constantly upgraded, and within the yearly contract these upgrades are free and very well explained. The team are always ready to help over the telephone and send regular emails for information and updates. It is a very comprehensive service, which I can thoroughly recommend."

September 2004: Since writing this article, it is with great regret that Jenny has sadly passed away.Our thoughts and prayers are with George and family. The kennels is now under the new ownership of Garry and Sandy Ryan, with whom we wish every success.

Mr John Mackessack-Leitch, owner of Brumley Brae Pet Centre

I had looked at a number of programs, some from the internet, some from mailshots. None were very good as they were either to simple (basic spreadsheet), were full of obvious errors or were just plain unsuitable, so I comissioned my own software development. This also required regular overhauls, and ended up being not only expensive, but not providing the interface I wanted.I was attracted by the look of the Petadmin Availability screen, and decided to get hold of a trial copy. The initial test was good, and when I e-mailed PetAdmin, or phoned, the response was excellent.

I have run the Petadmin program for over a year now, and have found that, once you ( and the staff!) are in the habit of using it properly, it not only saves considerable time in the office by providing all the booking and invoicing information etc, but also provides essential daily working information. For instance I get a daily print out of the feeding requirements of the 120 odd pets boarding, when they get fed, and any essential medication etc. The support has been very impressive, and the upgrades provide plenty of additional scope.

Because Petadmin is British Software I feel more confident that the support will not only be relevant, but also will be consistent. The cost of the program has been repaid by the improvements in the efficiency of our service, this is a benefit which the customer also derives.

So Petadmin not only offers the Kennel/Cattery owner direct benefits, but additionally improves the perception that the customers have of the business.

Bridget Marquart, owner of Coast Canine Country Club

I sampled 10 Kennel programs first and then I found PetAdmin. It was so far superior to the others, and I just knew I had to have it. The support is outstanding. My Kennel is in Southern California and PetAdmin is in England so they are 8 hours later than me but all I had to do was email a question and the very next morning I had the answer.

PetAdmin even called me long distance to help me with a question.

I love the program and so does my staff. It is worth every penny.