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The PetAdmin software package is fantastic!!! At least our customers think so. Since the first version in Feb 2001, it has evolved into a comprehensive and feature packed program that is being used worldwide. Of course the best (and quickest) way to find out if PetAdmin is right for you is to download and run it. Actually it is quicker to phone us and then we can tell you it’s the right choice but we prefer you to try it. The download is in fact the FULL version, so you can use it for as long as you like (up to 25 customer records).

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We tried many different kennel software programs and found that PetAdmin was the most user friendly. Whether you are a small or big kennel PetAdmin has everything that you could possibly need to help to simplify your business. The technical support is just amazing with unbelievably quick response to any question. This is the best kennel program by far and we highly recommend it. Thank you PetAdmin.

Sue and Henry Obermoser, Arden Country Kennels, Dalkeith, Ontario