Download Petadmin Plus Version 11 (V11.5.0) (approx 113 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 10 (V10.0.7) (approx 70 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 9 (V9.3.1) (approx 70 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 8 (V8.2.0) (approx 70 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 7 (V7.2.0) (approx 65 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 6 (V6.2.1) (approx 65 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 5 (V5.4.2) (approx 60 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 4 (V4.5.5) (approx 62 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 3 (V3.3.1) (approx 55 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Plus Version 2 (V2.5.2) (approx 54 Mb) here :

Download Petadmin Version 1 (V1.15.4) (approx 8 Mb) here :

You can now obtain your version 1 unlock code by clicking here

The following lists the history of changes and fixes.

- Fix: Availability screen - view allocations displays a month if one day selected
- Fix: Pickup/dropoff automatically set in services screen
- Online bookings - display booking times when viewing future bookings

- PetAdmin now uses updated Microsoft .Net 4.8 libraries
- Improvements for online bookings
- Thunderbird email option
- Various fixes and minor improvememnts

- Fix: PetAdmin sometimes reported as containing a virus by Windows Defender

- Fix: Screen disappearing behind other windows when modifying a booking (specifically time slots and medication)
- Fix: Speed up occasional delay with Report popup menu
- New: Preferences flag to switch on/off print and email icons in Report popup menus

- Fix: Recurring bookings that use run counts instead of allocations is now working

- New: Grid search option: "starts with"
- New: Database tokens can now be used in texts for Ack/Conf/Inv reports
- Fix: Inoculations missing for day bookings in check in screen
- Fix: Click check out time "Slot" from check in screen now uses check out date

- Fix: Version 10 upgrade for SQL Server

- Fix: Speed up when saving a booking
- Fix: Default date for payment summary report

- Online: Allow blank times

- Online: Bookings can now be made that are > 45 days
- Online: Now possible to disable customer from online bookings access
- Online: Customer name to include first name in display
- Online: The periodic sync only occurs if data has changed
- Online: Now has arriving/leaving (open/close) times
- New: Default arriving/leaving (open/close) times for mon-sun
- New: Batch reporting of invoices
- New: SMS messages now can contain database fields
- New: Auto email trigger for adding payment - split into part pay and full pay
- New: Option to prompt for extras when saving booking with no extras
- New: Medication prompt at check-in
- New: Payments report has new paramater to facilitate reporting on deposit payments
- New: HTML option for emails
- New: Directly adjust booking check-out time in the check-in screen
- New: Auto email function is now based on booking type
- New: Create custom fields for bookings
- New: Create custom fields for pets
- New: Choose/view booking times using time slots that also display in/outs
- New: Multi select invoices for preview/print/email
- New: 'All Pets' option for diary type bookings
- New: Predefine additional email attachments
- New: Set default printer for each report
- New: Save and load SQL queries
- Fix: Logo alignment
- Fix: Inoculations can now be removed even if connected to pet records
- Fix: Now able to remove pet image path
- Fix: Weight field in pet details now updated to latest weight
- Fix: Contract report added to invoices screen
- Fix: Customer source coulumn added to Filing Cabinet->Customers
- Fix: Column filter improved when filtering dates
- Fix: Add inoculation column to check-in screen for day camp
- Fix: Add spey column to check in screen - Fix: Balance shown in green if credit (as red if debit)
- Fix: Balance figure to include future bookings for cancelled bookings as they may have payments
- Fix: Preference setting for adjusting booking now split so cancelled is seperate from no-shows
- Fix: Disabled password protection on database
- Fix: Label sheet printing - now you can select customers to be printed instead of all of them
- Fix: Training screen now has popup menu
- Fix: Pickup/dropoff now display in bold red in check-in & check-out screens
- Fix: Report margin changes saved (per PC)

- New: Voodoo SMS updated
- New: Email TLS1.2 protocol now supported
- New: Security option to switch off Filing Cabinet grid totals
- New: RTF reports now include tokens for pet insurer, pet scores and summarised inoculations for single pet
- Fix: Scores in pet details screen now sorted in increasing value
- Fix: Pet image path message
- Fix: Invoice layout changed for hydro dates

- Online: Availability check increased to 18 months
- New: Press Ctrl-D to add date to customer notes or pet notes
- New: Ability to add booking notes to invoice
- Fix: Run View Detail reports out next day for threshold pets
- Fix: Concurrency error ignored in tasks
- Fix: Inventory text length increased
- Fix: Option to include cancelled bookings in Service Summary report
- Fix: Delay when modifying bookings for large databases
- Fix: Improve display for medication dropdown (also transport)

- New: UK VAT rule change - cancellations now include VAT
- New: Bulk delete of customer records - use Ctrl or Shift to select for removal
- New: Pets Here report - new option to exclude checked out pets
- Fix: Service Summary report excludes extras added by cancelling booking
- Fix: Intermittent crash in Run View screen

- Online: Fix problem of apostrophes in customer notes
- Online: No need for new version of PetAdmin when new online payment gateway added
- Online: Customers can view future bookings
- Online: Calculate deposit based on nights or days
- Online: Set additional content to customer confirmation email
- Online: Send customer email optionally before or after deposit payment
- Online: Option to receive copy of customer email
- Online: Option to allow customers to select Run Type
- Online: Option to check availability based on customer Run Type selection
- New: Can select multiple pets/run types in Availability screen
- New: Set row colours for Holiday/Closed/Empty dates in Availability screen
- New: Statement of account report now has start date parameter
- New: Inoculation expiry report now based on arrival date, option to include/exclude inocs.
- New: Customer emergency contacts include address, phone and email details
- New: Deleting customers also deletes bookings, payments and pets
- New: Set folder paths in Preferences for photos, reports etc.
- New: Pet scores: define criteria for behavious and assign scores
- New: Delete old entries from PCs connected screen
- Fix: Adhoc discounts missing in Service Summary report
- Fix: Click Vet Search button in PetDetails when no vet currently assigned
- Fix: Intermittent crash in run view when moving pets
- Fix: Extras with apostrophes in Quick Quote screen

- New: Invoice line discount amount now appears on invoice report
- Fix: VAT/sales tax rounding error
- Fix: Availability graph reported incorrect percentage figures when grid info exported
- Fix: Availability screen crash if no runs defined for selected animal type
- Fix: Auto backup fails if database is password protected
- Fix: Adding a standby booking adds multiple booking entries

- New: GDPR: Password protect your database (MS Access)
- New: GDPR: New function to anonymise customer details
- New: GDPR: Expanded custom fields from 3 to 9 with options for text/tickbox/date
- New: GDPR: Last activity field for customers (last Invoice Date)
- New: GDPR: Can now delete bookings and payments from within Customer Details screen
- New: Day boarder option, bookings can be for days or days + nights
- New: Online bookings alert at top of screen to indicate new bookings
- New: Email subject and body now can include database fields (just like RTF reports)
- New: Run Allocation screen: option to alter days visible before and after booking
- New: Print Preview of screen grids: new option to choose columns to include
- New: Double click on Provisional task (or click Open within reminder) now invokes Modify Booking
- New: Auto email option for provisional bookings
- New: Run Map: option to put pet names on same line
- New: Preference option to remove payments from invoice
- New: Run View: row height now adjustable for each aninmal type
- New: Search boxes now resize to fit text
- New: Outlook Export: can now assign colours to appointments
- New: Run Card report now includes microchip
- New: Teamviewer QS Version 13 now included
- New: Delete Vet record even if linked to pet
- New: Invoice number added to Sales Forecast report
- New: Customer Details now has 2 email addresses
- Fix: Sales Totals report, sales tax option now works correctly
- Fix: Unconfirmed Bookings report now includes provisional bookings
- Fix: Statement report balance is now positive for debit balances
- Fix: Auto email to fire only if customer email exists
- Fix: Contract report available in the Filing Cabinet
- Fix: Inoculation expired report improved, also includes customer email

- New: Drag and drop in run view: Ctrl + Shift + mouse moves from cell date onwards
- Fix: Sometimes get error message "This program has stopped working" when user is logged off after timeout
- Fix: Customer Spend report figures when exported to Excel

- New: Emailing direct now allows multiple file attachments

- Fix: Run allocation screen, run name column auto sizes to fit run name
- Fix: Provisional booking reminder when status changed
- Fix: Run closed dates ranges now cannot overlap (which caused invalid availability figures)
- Fix: Sending SMS using wrong credentials caused crash
- Fix: Date ranges set to "Empty" now reflected in Run View screen as "CLOSED"
- Fix: Date ranges set to "Empty" reflected as 0 runs available in Availability screen

- New: PetAdmin install file now digitally signed
- Fix: Service summary report - now excludes cancelled and no-shows

- New: Timestamp label can now be added to run map
- Fix: Add booking - search reset if customer record modified
- Fix: Add booking - missing mobile numbers
- Fix: Email column added to check-in and check-out screens
- Fix: Online bookings - multiple lines entered in notes
- Fix: Training times not always recording correctly

- New: Reminders can now be set for any booking
- Fix: Search is now no longer case sensitive
- Fix: Missing search "All" option

- Fix: Online bookings: Error popup message caused by different time formats for non-UK countries

- Fix: Sending SMS via Voodoo

- Fix: Print All option in Check In/Out sometimes only prints 1 page
- Fix: New search mechanism missing in Add Bookings screen
- Fix: Error when setting Training times for non UK countries/regions

- New: ONLINE BOOKINGS - please contact PetAdmin for details
- New: Serial number mechanism changed to avoid Windows 10 install/update error
- New: Run view navigation buttons, also extended view to complete month
- New: Option to exclude unallocated figures from "Pets Here" columns
- New: Search option now search by individual columns
- New: Report for pets "here"
- New: Discount wording removed from invoice if no discount present
- New: Option to show customer ref. on invoices
- Fix: SMS updated for new Clickatell service, can also send via Voodoo SMS
- Fix: Quick quote dates misbehaving
- Fix: Payment details report has a no-grouping option
- Fix: Recur booking did not propogate pickup and dropoff info correctly
- Fix: Provisional bookings bug when dates modified and then do not show in check in screen

- New: Preference for invoice date to follow booking start/end date
- Fix: Preference screen crash if no default payment type selected

- New: Payment type is now configurable i.e. you can add/modify/remove as required
- New: Service codes can now be up to 15 characters
- New: Alert message if automatic backup fails (eg. disk full)
- New: Sales Totals report now has month and sales tax parameters
- New: Future rates convert to current rates on start-up if rate commencement date reached
- New: Date rollover is now automatic or can be switched off
- Fix: The payments section of the invoice report now obeys translations
- Fix: (Internal) double click on caller ID label to disable TAPI

- Fix: If auto email after add booking with add payment
- Fix: Export options appearing when emailing a report
- Fix: Missing run view detail report in Run View screen
- Fix: Upgrading a really old database (pre version 2) fails

- Fix: Minor fix for age calculation from DoB

- New: Microchip column in Check-In screen
- New: Invoice line percentage discounts now appear on invoice report
- Fix: Availability percentage figure also looks at closed runs
- Fix: Changing provisional booking to standard booking now defaults to use runs
- Fix: Rate change now uses progress bar instead of screen being unresponsive
- Fix: Age in years/months rounding error when calculated from DoB
- Fix: Future date check for inoculations in Pet Details screen


- New: Postcode lookup option for premise level instead of street level
- Fix: Sales Totals report now based on gross figures and new option for payment date
- Fix: Minor fixes (email template, last backup check, task times, RTF report settings)

- Fix: Minor fixes (auto backup where backup path is invalid)

- Fix: Minor fixes (pre version 4 database upgrade, option for run alloc booking overlap warning)

- Fix: Minor fixes (contract address, paid column in Fil Cab->Invoices)

- New: View run allocations (for a date range) from the availability screen

- Fix: Minor fixes (email templates, pa.xml backup)

- New: Future booking rates
- New: Availability screen now has calendar and 'Add Booking' button
- New: Warning if allocate pets from different bookings into the same run
- New: Auto generate an email when booking confirmed or modified
- New: Payment types added: icredit and idebit
- New: Diary dates now included on invoice (hydro, groom, day camp)
- New: Day Camp bookings can now set times
- New: Create email templates to send without generating report first
- New: Report toolbar settings are now saved eg. watermarks, page sizing etc.)
- New: Annual sales totals report
- New: Daily Notes report
- New: Vaccination/Inoculation expiry report
- New: Set default reminder for tasks generated for pickup/dropoff
- New: Vet column added to Filing Cabinet->Pets
- Fix: 'Mismatch' error for Windows 10 install (and major updates)
- Fix: Run allocation screen randomly selects to use run count instead of allocations
- Fix: Run allocation screen now uses last used run type and run size for run counts
- Fix: Cancelling a booking ignored discount when auto adjusting a booking
- Fix: Crash in webcam screen if pet record does not exist
- Fix: Check in/out reports include day name in report header
- Fix: Run code extended to 15 characters
- Fix: Check in time added to check out page
- Fix: Emails sent via Outlook has option to set sender

- Fix: Check-In report date parameters now default to current date

- Fix: Drop down menu for report file formats sometimes missing for Export and Email

- Fix: Transport status now cleared and no longer remembers status from last booking
- Fix: Changes to pickup/dropoff times always being overwritten with booking times
- Fix: Threshold time check for last day of booking now works even if Preferences flag for allocations is off
- Fix: Moving pets between runs now warns about pets from other bookings
- Fix: TeamViewer remote support updated to version 11

- Fix: Closed runs were not included in Boarding Availability figures

- New: Runview detail report now has parameter to include unallocated pets

- Fix: Recurring bookings did not record allocation/run count setting
- Fix: Sometimes get message 'PetAdmin has stopped working' when user auto logged off from timeout

- New: Auto backup and recovery of personalised settings (colours, screens, grids etc)
- New: Assign printer to your individual RTF reports eg. receipt printer
- Fix: Negative currency amounts in RTF reports

- Fix: Error when displaying Transport details in main screen

- New: Totals in Filib Cabinet invoices and payments
- New: Improved parameters for feeding list and medication list reports
- Fix: Allocations removed when booking status changed to provisional
- Fix: Print All for RTF reports now sorted by customer surname
- Fix: Company name on invoice

- Fix: Preferences screen crash when default times are blank

- Fix: Auto-add services when extending a booking now handles both night and day charging scenarios
- Fix: Check-out report now defaults to current date
- Fix: New Zealand default booking times in Preferences now saved correctly
- Fix: Run card report times now displayed correctly
- Fix: Windows 8 should no longer report 'PetAdmin has stopped working' message when exiting PetAdmin

- Fix: Run type error message in the run allocation screen (when run counts not used)

- New: Add booking screen has Breeds column
- New: Run type and size can now be selected for run count in the allocation screen
- Fix: Status column now always visible in all grids

- New: Run size option in the availability screen
- New: Invoice screen, the total due and discount fields are now highlighted if non zero
- New: Run movements report now groups by date and the "From" date parameter has been removed
- New: Preferences option to zero a bookings value when it is cancelled
- New: Duplicate customer records can now be merged
- New: Booking status overhaul: includes provisional and stand by, has assocaited icons and is available in all main screens
- New: Preferences option for threshold time to control last day charges and run allocation
- New: Security for filing cabinbet tabs
- New: Prompt to check out if in check out list and paid in full
- New: Database restore now keeps copy of database (just in case restore by accident)
- New: Modifying a booking now auto adds daily services (when booking is being extended)
- New: Modifying booking dates now updates transport dates
- New: Run card report printed from the run view screen will reflect run for that date
- New: Automatic backup option (Access only) - (perform a manual backup to purge a build up of auto backups)
- New: All pets option in run allocation screen
- New: Drag and drop in run view now has option for future days only as well as all days
- New: Payment detail report has group by subtotals option
- New: Group by rungroup option for medication list report and feeding list report
- New: Medication improved - now includes date ranges and can be for specific days
- New: Date range screen now has option for specific days: sundays, mondays etc.
- New: Statement of account report now excludes future bookings
- New: New integrity check for bookings update
- New: Customer balance column in check in and out screen
- New: Transport task now has district/suburb added + popoup menu for access to various screens
- New: SMS now has option for sender name instead of sender number
- New: Runs can now be closed between date ranges
- New: Run count now merged with allocations i.e. used when no allocations exist for a booking
- New: Australian address format where regional settings set to Australian
- New: Vet search in Pet Details screen
- New: Reminder option for Transport tasks
- New: Reminder option for Provisional bookings

- Fix: Space before payment type when "pay in full" - also extended to 30 chars
- Fix: Run overload report date column was too small
- Fix: Transport status limited to 50 chars so can no longer crash
- Fix: Booking ID removed for adhoc invoice report
- Fix: Ticking times for medication and ticking pets in booking sometimes not saved is now fixed
- Fix: Properties screen -> audit trail now has security
- Fix: Grids can now be printed from the system setup screen
- Fix: You cannot change booking dates/times for pets that have checked in/out
- Fix: Cancelling a booking now removes transport entry in the task area
- Fix: Bug in transport when booking added via customers screen
- Fix: Inactive groomers now not displayed in availability
- Fix: Pay type field size increased from 12 to 30
- Fix: Medication chart report with multiple medications had random sort order
- Fix: System Setup -> Runs had missing run size column
- Fix: Notes tab missing when adding new pet
- Fix: Print/Email log not logging correctly
- Fix: Adhocs now listed in Statement screen


- New: Post code option to exclude county details
- Fix: Paid-in-full payment in invoice screen


- Fix: Audit trail sort order by date and time
- Fix: Print/export audit trail info
- Fix: SQL Server: click Back from Pet list when no pets selected
- Fix: SQL Server: when adding transport for pet that auto creates a task
- Fix: SQL Server: when adding recurring booking
- Fix: when booking cancelled and tries to display potential standbys


- New: Run group for checkin/out report
- New: Seperate ack/conf/inv reports for provisional bookings
- New: Grooming availability viewable by resource/groomer
- Fix: Printing reports direct to printer could cause crash
- Fix: SQL Server version: Statement of Account report not working


- New: RTF advanced option - opens report in editor instead of preview enabling more RTF features
- Fix: Print->All for reports where translations are used
- Fix: Run View Detail report when displayed from Reports section is 1 day out
- Fix: Filing Cabinet Customers when searching for pets - search ignored single pets
- Fix: Filing Cabinet Customers no longer lists deceased pets
- Fix: Postcode lookup errors


- New: webcam integration for taking photos of pets
- New: automtic attempt to re-connect to database when connection lost
- New: sex and age added to feed and medication charts
- New: payment reports now optionally subtotal by booking type
- New: debug option to aid with technical assistance
- Fix: invoices with no invoice lines now print correctly
- Fix: diary/task screen no longer crashes if the configured start time is greater than end time


- Fix: preferences option to switch off auto adjustment when booking is cancelled
- Fix: invoice screen reports menu missing drop down options for preview/print/email

- New: Internet, Direct Debit and Prepaid payment types added
- New: double click in RTF report preview to edit/customise before print/email
- New: new "Empty" option added to indicate dates for no boarding
- New: services screen now has "All Pets" option - available where dates and times all match
- Fix: sales tax label in invoice screen displays your tax name
- Fix: missing dll file for MS Word reports
- Fix: RTF report margins now match those in final report preview
- Fix: boarding bookings with groom appointment must now be within boarding dates

- New: print or email reports without previewing
- New: change booking dates for a pet asks if you wish to do all pets
- New: customer balance displays in red bold if money due
- New: customise colours for check in/out
- New: last customers accessed list available when adding booking
- New: availability diary appointments has more right click menu options
- New: transfer pet to new owner
- New: columns added to various screens (email, age, booking days, second feed ...)
- New: SQL Server can now use UDL file for connecting to database
- New: command line option for connecting to database
- New: save document paths against pet and customer records
- New: customer second mobile number
- New: pet image can be inserted into RTF reports
- New: alert pops up when modifying customer details if money owed
- New: boarding availability screen has horizontal lines option
- New: option to enter number of runs required instead of allocating runs
- New: caller ID option if PC is connected via modem to telephone line
- New: booking notes can be added during add/modify booking
- New: alerts can be defined where pet numbers reach certain levels
- New: task labels and label colours
- New: quick quote offers rate options when days/units do not match
- New: timestamp option on reports
- New: booking confirmed option when adding payment
- New: totals and averages as well as date range selection in boarding availability screen
- New: pickup and dropoff now seperated out from services and called Transport
- New: option to create and link tasks to transport appointments
- New: custom fields for customer record
- New: export to Outlook lets you choose receiving folder

- Fix: vet columns added to filing cabinet and also in vet report
- Fix: windows 8 error message when you exit program
- Fix: pet DoB and gender can now be left blank
- Fix: pet names now displayed in run allocation screen when mouse hovers
- Fix: print all contracts now orders by customer
- Fix: apportioned payments rounding issue
- Fix: run map when scrolled and then previewed displace box/text positions
- Fix: default groomer when adding grooming booking
- Fix: delete groom appointment from boarding booking
- Fix: forenames added to customer reports (invoice, confirmation etc.)
- Fix: recurring booking screen prompts for run olverload report to check for overlaps

- fix: adjust run map print label positions
- phone number columns added to filing cabinet->bookings
- pet DoB added to filing cabinet->pets
- message if database file is "read-only"
- tasks: added scrollbar for all day tasks
- grooming: availability + diary screen added customer and breed
- grooming: pet groom notes copied into appointment when adding booking
- fix: no longer updates booking dates for combined board/groom when grooming diary change made in availability
- grooming: can mark groomer as inactive
- grooming: default groomer indication for pet when adding booking
- fix: service screen layout where text display size set to 125% normal

- fix recur booking bug for diary descriptions
- fix availability bug for multi-species runs
- add booking option from filing cabinet -> customers and also pets
- pets annotated as (M) or (F)
- contract/ack/conf reports format changed
- tasks "done" colour option added
- diary view saved between sessions
- alert window replaces startup warning and some messages
- new: right click on column header for grid->print preview
- new: run maps - 2D maps with pets listed against runs
- fix: system setup crash if all runs removed
- fix: daily notes flagged for check in/out now works
- query screen results can now be exported in different formats
- new: lock allocations for a booking
- new: changing booking dates prompts to update all pets
- new: availability graph can include unallocated pets

- SQL Server/Express database option
- fix for direct emailing where smtp authentication required
- fix performance problem for diary type bookings
- To do->services now displays (and reports) across date range
- To do->movements now displays across date range
- Quick quote can specify customer, also report changes
- New: Provisional bookings (boarding only)
- New: Payment surcharges
- Custom reports now fully functioning
- RTF reports improved table formatting
- Pets gender is now annotated against pet name in most screens
- New email option specifically for Outlook
- booking payments listed on invoice
- serial port signal fix for cash drawers
- run card fix where medic notes pushes feed text down the page
- isolate column added to check in list
- quick quote added days/nights option
- fix RTF/MS Word reports bug where non-booking pets are listed
- New: print customer addresses to label sheets
- fix saving settings to xml file now ignores errors
- New: auto connect to database on startup
- Runs can now be configured for multiple animal types
- Report designer for SQL server
- Removing a run now permitted even if linked to bookings

- fix row colour problems in check in/out for checked in/out pets
- animal parameter added to feed, medic, run view detail and run view summary reports
- fix run card date of birth calculation for years/months
- added parameters to check in/out reports for grouping and page breaks
- added isolate column to check in screen
- remote support upgrade (Teamviewer) to V7

- preferences option to force database disconnect on logoff (default is disconnect)
- preferences option for Tasks working day times
- customer address details available on add payment
- customer notes column added to add booking screen
- double click in availability to add booking
- run view detail report now grouped by animal
- run view summary report now grouped by animal
- check in/out reports now grouped by animal
- fix overlapping dates test when adding/modifying a booking
- fix up/down date buttons in filing cabinet->run view
- fix To Do->Services list refresh after changes in System Setup
- fix check in screen where modifying pet details loses changes to inventory, weight and medic flag
- (look and feel default changed to McSkin with Silver Office grids for new install)

- help file
- debtors report now also optionally reports creditors
- add payment menu option in invoice screen
- new faster access "paid in full" menu option in invoice screen (as long as default pay type is set in preferences)
- invoice/contract/ack/conf reports banner moved lower and fonts standardised
- To Do -> Tasks automatically loaded if there are any reminders outstanding
- fix checking in/out times for non UK time formats - especially New Zealand
- Service report now also has times (as well as dates)
- Cursor now defaults to the search box
- Pet details -> inoculations is now single click to add/remove
- Added pickup/dropoff indicator to contract/ack/conf reports
- fix keyboard entry in date controls - also has 1 sec delay if changing via keyboard to allow typing
- fix checkin/out greying of rows where different preference->gridstyle is chosen
- runview put "in" times before "out"
- fix runview not displaying 1 day bookings where checkout before threshold
- help file defaults to contents page
- right click popup menus for grids
- booking notes column in check in/out, red font if alert flagged for check in/out
- check in/out reports between 2 dates

V2.4.6 (interim release - final release as 2.5.0)

- fix diary where 2 appointments for same dog in same booking now allowed on same day
- fix crash in booking wizard pets where delete pet that is ticked for booking
- fix crash where run report with logo but logo file not accessible
- new rtf/msw tokens for calc_date_long, calc_date_short, calc_time... and calc_day...
- check for dup cust name+postcode when add/modify customer
- fix label printing
- fix calc tokens missing initial digit + currency symbol
- fix print tasks report
- fix backup where lose connection if backup fails because of network connections
- now cant connect to backup files or temp backup files - force copy and rename
- logoff now makes PA restart - better because force db disconnect
- balance button in status bar for check in/out now invokes invoice screen
- fix weights calc where in between min and max figure
- remove sorting from pet details->inocs grid
- fix duplicate customer check msg sometimes too long
- fix report margins not allowing double figures
- new connections screen - see who is connected to database and can force shutdown

- fix disappearing columns from booking invoice screen after add/edit of an adhoc invoice
- fix time formats problem
- fix error reporting overdue checkouts

- ignore error when cannot write to xml file - means changes may not get saved
- ignore error if no printer installed when printing ms word doc
- fix quotes crash in diary desc/text
- fix crash in services screen if all service codes are inactive
- fix recurring tasks bug
- fix remove formatting for integers in msw+rtf reports
- fix overdue checkin/out figures + filing cabinet for non boarding bookings
- fix postcode for AUS in msw+rtf
- preferences - can change time format
- date added appears when adding customer
- now can add pets while adding customer
- remove sort on dates and times in pet list screen in booking wizard
- customer screen can add titles and source
- fix for checkin/out/avail if all flags switched off in pref does not cause crash
- fix recur bookings to include heat and medic flag
- filing cabinet show bookings left or outstanding amounts to include those leaving today
- sales tax now works to 3 decimal places
- filing cabinet checkedin+future changed to current+future (includes those not checked in)

- fix for modify booking, sometimes dates disappear depending on column sort order

- fix: add booking, tick dropoff should set combo to customer default
- fix: making some reports inactive did not work
- fix: pet list screen in wizard, check for arrival date > leave date (prevent crash)
- fix: for windows 7 where display size > 100% - missing save+cancel buttons from System Edit screen
- fix: check in or out and last pet in list can cause crash
- fix: services screen - button to get notes from previous booking caused crash if notes existed
- services screen lets you change service list sort order
- pet warning now auto displays - also adjusted inoc warnings so no text overlap
- booking properties now show all runs that pet stayed in not just initial one
- run alloc screen now displays date of last clicked cell

- SMS available throughout filing cabinet and check in and out
- fix: blank times cause crash in pets list in booking wizard
- fix: make built in report inactive does not remove it from menus
- postcode in upper case
- add/modify pet - focus on pet name
- fix: reports modal so auto log out cannot happen (that leave reports hanging)
- check in / out will always set focus and view to last pet irrespective of column ordering
- run view fixed format - does not follow skin or style
- availability rememebers pet selection
- fix crash if use single quote in diary description
- extend tasks subject from 100 to 255 chars
- add booking, customer warning mow red bold
- invoice screen - manual inv no not saved if pay in full
- fix: sys setup - runs->delete menu said breeds
- runview - screen->checkin/out goes to correct date for pet
- runview - includes reports from checkin screen
- feed list has arriving/leaving times
- dob in pet details no longer has time
- check for dbnull on srv_system as some dbs have null values
- check for blank inoculation dates (crashes)
- pet details - vet drop down contains full address + phone no
- peak+low display on invoices
- extras get saved twice if add extra then save (from pay or print) then save when exit invoice screen
- run allocation - if arriving today, screen indicates runs where due to check out but still here
- in add booking, dates do not reset to current month when all field is highlighted
- customer button now works in check out screen
- valid key check now treats alphas as invalid i.e no crash
- fix: prompt to save invoice when adding booking and choose RTF so fields populated
- rtf report names now up to 25 chars
- and tokens added

- RTF all pets and all bookings option
- fix: add booking with discount and print report did not save discount before print
- run allocation menu option in check in list screen
- preferences - change grid styles
- fix: isolated pets cause crash in run alloc (from 209 change)
- fix: run alloc breed desc missing when accessed from run view
- fix: show option not working correctly
- movements screen can access run alloc also with double click
- fix: euro sign not correctly generated for currency fields in RTF and Word
- address field is compacted for ack and conf and contract reports

- run allocation menu option in run view (also double click)
- run allocation can move pets to unalloc run
- day column in main check in
- focus stays on row when check in/out (as long as ticked at top) so can access reports
- availability, diary tool tip stays up for 60 secs
- column sort and subsorts remembered
- new option for RTF reports to appear in check in/out "All Pets"
- run allocation with 10+ pets now display correctly
- backup will now not complain if backup path is empty of files/folders
- version info in getcustomers
- fix: if close petadmin when minimised then next time starts minimised and must edit xml (all platforms)
- fix: run allocations (bug from 209) when switch between animal types
- show pets here only option in feed list and medic list
- add customer (in booking wizard) will auto select new customer after details saved - also focus stays with row if modify or delete customer
- check in/out has new parameters + dislpay changes
- add booking, new column for mobile number
- extras - default quantity of 1
- fix: service screen does not save changes to units column
- cosmetic changes
- fix booking properties not showing heat/medic/season flags
- pet_warning in run alloc screen
- fix runallocation bug where looks like another pet is present on day after end of booking
- checkin screen has leaving date+day
- services report - fix notes formatting
- run allocation - tool tip has customer and better formatting
- availability - boarding - All option for animals - seems meaningless but gives totals that give a feel for amount of effort required for staff

- fix loading message for first time connect
- fix runview in/out times following pc settings
- fix tooltip crash when hover over diary header in day view
- fix runview crash if booking > 6 months
- fix checkout crash if invoice number is blank

- fix availability graphical
- fix quick quote for animal type services
- add column caption for graph in availability
- add out time in check in screen
- add minimise button for login screen
- different user logs on removes last remembered screen
- FIX: invoice number wiped out when check out pet
- upgrade zeros cancelled bookings, cancelling zeros booking
- run allocation, selected cells now go yellow when allocate instead of remaining highlighted in white
- fix: run allocation for last day when leave before threshold

- column sorting in check in/out + training + events
- fix avail when booking leaves before thresh (also run view)
- remember column ordering
- remove right-click custom menus
- tool tip info in avail->diary
- right click in run view to move all days
- check in/out remembers value for show checkin/out
- remove sure you want to exit message
- click on column header in report preview to order by column, also remembers from last sort +- indicator
- fix run code showing in check in/out report
- startup - remembers screen before exit
- quote: when dates set, update service units to match days
- fix crash: check out where daily notes flagged for alert
- add booking auto selects customer for last added booking
- runview - gridlines option for empty cells
- runview - changing dates now keeps better up/down scroll position ie. topmost run stays constant
- fix: do not display hidden customers when add booking
- right click column header for popup to display/remove columns (most screens)
- remove clear button from all calendars
- avail, right click column header to set date format (also new day column)
- avail, columns all freely resizable
- fix: modify customer -> summary tab incorrect unpaid figures
- fix: strikethrough font when customer hidden or pet deceased
- column filters available in checkin/out + filing cabinet

- diary description saved
- add booking takes too long on big database
- run view performance on big database
- update bookings (rate change) performance
- services screen, use keyboard to select service

- isolate flag not saved when adding/modifying booking
- fix: check out early + choose "leave booking alone" caused crash
- fix: availability -> select run type cause crash
- fix: run alloc -> set/clear selection when no selection cause crash
- fix: diary reports if disabled groom/hydro and day camp cause crash
- fix: read aus postcode file where choose random file
- fix: pickup or dropoff when add booking for 2 or more pets cause crash in services
- fix: report email text with quote chars cause crash
- fix: add/modify extra text > 50 chars cause crash
- fix: truncate "to do" subject to 100 and location to 50 to prevent crash
- double click in availability takes you to run view